Thursday, January 31, 2008

Commercial Appeal....

Radio Sucks!
But you already now that, that's why you're here.

So in this age of crappy, mainstream radio and low record sales, artists are finding new ways to get their music out to the people. Only a select few of us have the privilege of knowing about the world of music blogs (judging from my number of page hits, i've got about 3 loyal readers out of those select few).
Many of these relatively smaller artists are using TV commercial spots as a gateway. Here are some of my favorite songs used in recent commercials:

mp3: Pete Droge - Going Whichever Way The Wind Blows
Used in a Toyota Sequoia commercial that shows a family going camping and looking at the stars from the back of their SUV. Pete's smooth acoustic song is a perfect fit.

mp3: Yael Naim - New Soul
The people behind Apple's advertising department are geniuses. Especially in the music department. Like i said ealier, that's how i came across Feist. They almost always use relatively unknown artists and super-catchy songs - but that's the point of a commercial, right? (remember those first iPod commercials with the dancing silhouettes...) For their newest over-priced device/fashion accessory, they used a happy little tune from Yael Naim. I really dig the melody and the trumpet/trombone/tuba/whatever it is.

mp3: Joe Purdy - Can't Get It Right Today
Joe Purdy's Can't Get it Right Today plays over a Kia Spectra ad where people keep forgetting which side of the car the gas tank is on - due to rarely having to fill up. Not Bad...

Joe Purdy first hit my ears while i was watching LOST. Wash Away is a beachy song that plays in the credits of one of the first episodes of the show. Cool little optimistic song; plus its got a ukelele.
Also, i'm pretty pumped cuz LOST returns in T-minus 30 minutes...

mp3: Joe Purdy - Wash Away

mp3: Band of Horses - The Funeral
A pretty cool commercial for the Ford Edge. Some kids drivin' around while The Funeral is playin', and one of 'em gets a little lost in the moment. The song is off of Band of Horses' debut album, and is sort of a cosmic-sounding tune that breaks wide open after a peaceful intro.

the horses are also mentioned in a Sync ad for Ford - "play artist: band of horses"

Ryan Adams - Gonna Make You Love Me
Even my boy Ryan is gettin in on the commercial action.



Ryan's also had quite a few songs featured in movies/tv shows. I had the glorious privilege of watching Must Love Dogs with my (almost entirely female) family over Christmas. i was utterly bored until the credits started rolling and i heard this gem from Cold Roses:

mp3: Ryan Adams - Dance All Night


One more thing (on a related note)........
If you watch Friday Night Lights on ABC, keep an eye, er... uh, ear out for The Avett Brothers' song If It's The Beaches on tomorrow's (Friday Night, of course) show.

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