Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Make It Stop....

i've been flipping back and forth from tonight's CMA Awards, and i swear it's the funniest thing on TV.... well, it would be if weren't dead serious. It's like a dogshow in that the only people that really care about it are the ones there on the stage. But the sad thing is, these idiots are put there by real people, who really like this music, really buy it... really sing along. They make it a lucrative business. Why else do you think Jessica Simpson and Hootie jumped on the bandwagon? The artists know exactly what they're doing. They've found a loophole in the system. Those few that write their own music simply cater to the ignorant 'middle America', writing simple songs that will undoubtedly get played played at every barbecue, high school party, and rural wedding across the country. It's shameless exploitation.

How can so many stupid fucking Americans actually buy this crap? What kind of shallow person has their musical desires fulfilled by each and every "i love America" spewed out from the prettiest faces money can buy and records labels can hand pick off a reality show.

"Oooh he said he's from the county.... SO AM I. I love this guy!"
"She drives a pickup. My grandpa has one of those. I'm gonna buy her record now."
"Look, he wears a baseball cap with the edges perfectly frayed like mine. He's cool. So am I"

Fuck Me.

It's no wonder most people laugh when at you when you say you like country music. What chance do we have to be taken seriously when this is the face of it.

Kid Rock is on now, singing a thoughtless regurgitation of one of the most overplayed songs in history. And everybody loves it - mindless people that listen (and enjoy) whatever the local radio station puts on the airwaves. i haven't had my radio on FM for about 5 years now, so i don't know the songs, much less most of the acts, on my TV tonight. Half of 'em can't even sing. They just hop around the stage under a spotlight, waving their arms around cause they don't possess the talent to play a guitar - while the real musicians are hidden behind them in the dark.

Some 'award show'. The same 5 people present and receive all the trophies. The same songs are nominated in categories like 'Best Single' and 'Best Song' - what's the fucking difference? It's just another chance for these chumps to selfishly show their perfectly made up faces to the world, and pat themselves on the back for creating musical genocide.

At least the chicks are hot. That's all this show has going for it.
That and George Strait.

If you're here, you most likely feel the same way, so i'm preachin' to the choir. But i just had to get this off my chest.


The Everybodyfields - Be Miner
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Please Break My Heart
The Felice Brothers - Whiskey In My Whiskey
Gillian Welch - Look At Miss Ohio
Hayes Carll - Long Way Home

Check out Setting The Woods On Fire for more REAL COUNTRY MUSIC


  1. Say it brother!

    (Of course my 5-year-old daughter is just wild about Miley Cyrus.)

  2. Paul, your comment reminded me that i wanted to link to you for all things 'real country', so i did.

    Here's to your new direction over at STWOF, whatever that may be.

  3. I guess every genre has its mainstream manufactured shit these days. As you pointed out in your well-selected mp3's, there is still hope in the underbelly of independent country music. We just need to turn off the TV and turn on some Justin Townes Earle to know that there's still hope...

  4. i agree wholeheartedly. down with toby keith.

  5. Pretty negative, dude. It's not my favorite genre either, but it's not worth that amount of hate.

  6. hey i was just on the couch watching until i'd had enough of the travesty. it was upsetting enough to move me to the computer and this is what came out. blame the industry, not me.

  7. hi. i love your blog. LOVE IT. but um, i think that song is 'long way home' not 'take me away.' thanks and keep it up! YOU ROCK!!!

  8. I wish more people realized this.

  9. My wife likes "New Country" - I can actually stomach real country.

    Never the twain shall meet.

    She's heard me play some Caitlin Cary now and again and asked who it is. I was surprised she even noticed it.

    I've been a Cowboy Junkies fan for years - and they are (or were ... ) more country than any New Country crap I hear.

    I understand your distaste - glad it moved you enough to write about it.

    Sanford, Maine

  10. I'd say its about time you put more focus on Gillian Welch. What do you say? Thanks for the great blog, though I have a higher pinion of Cardinology, I deeply respect your views