Saturday, January 17, 2009

Links and News....

Not a whole lot going on here recently. Been trying to actually work as of late and simply haven't been inspired to post. But here's a mixture of links and random bullet points:

  • Samantha Crain, in preparation for her upcoming release, recorded a Daytrotter Session. She did one old song and three new ones - including a groovy one called 'Devils In Boston.'
  • I recently uncovered a trove of Ryan Adams Bootlegs of the very rare sort. After I size them up, I'll work on some informative posts. Some of the sessions uncovered: the entire Elizabethtown Sessions, The Swedish Sessions, various Whiskeytown, and even some very old stuff like The Patty Duke Syndrome.
  • The ever-impressive Aquarium Drunkard has some great posts including Deer Tick doing Paul Simon and a Fleet Foxes live show.
  • Don't forget to catch The Fleet Foxes as the musical guest tonight on Saturday Night Live.


  1. Bring on the Ryan Adams bootleg rarities! I love your blog, definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for the great site!!!

  2. I guess Payton quit the blogging business.