Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Extra Pepperoni....

Ryan Adams (Lost Highway) released a Valentine's Day EP, Extra Cheese, today available on iTunes for $3.99.


With stacks and stacks of Ryan's unreleased gems, they decide to rehash 5 previously released studio cuts. Oh, but they included one bonus track of a semi-unreleased tune. If you've been coming here for a while, you would've gotten the whole evolutionary story behind Hey There, Mrs. Lovely/These Girls a long time ago. Try to keep up, Lost Highway.

So, today I offer up an alternate version of this love song EP. And this one's completely FREE!

Extra Pepperoni:
1. Two - early version The Elizabethtown Sessions (2005)
2. Blossom - live acoustic version Arlington Theatre (1.21.08)
3. Answering Bell
- alternate version The Suicide Handbook (2001)
4. Evergreen
- extended live version Ambassador Theatre (11.8.08)
5. My Love For You Is Real
- Cowboy Technical Services (2001)
6. Desire
- live version The Paramount Theatre (10.13.08)
7. Hey There, Mrs. Lovely*
- The Destroyer Sessions (2000)

*It sounds like this is the same version as on the iTunes release, but don't tell Lost Highway...


  1. Thanks for putting this together; your version is much better than the *other* one. Love your blog; keep up the fantastic work.


  2. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. Given how many unreleased tracks there are, this was a pretty lame EP.

  3. "Try to keep up, Lost Highway."

    hilarious and pointed.
    good to have you back sir.

  4. Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are engaged!!!!!!!!

  5. Crazy.

    Think they'll make an album together??

  6. Thanks for this compilation! Much better than what Lost Highway could come up with. Your site is a must for us RA junkies. I never knew about the Sweedish Sessions and your seemingly endless knowledge of everything RA is humbling.

    Keep up the great work!

    PS . . . I read what you said comparing him to Dylan. I've done this many times and have never heard anybody else making this comparison. I whole heartedly agree.

  7. Thanks thanks thanks!

    I guess the FTP site for RA is down - do you know of site that has Suicide Handbook and/or Cowboy Technical Services posted?