Thursday, April 30, 2009

Viva la Vinyl: Whiskeytown's Record Store Day 7"

Since the completion of my Ryan Adams Vinyl Collection, I've been hard at work building my stash of Singles/EP's/7-inchers. So far, I've gotten my grubby little hands on these:

So Alive 7-inch Single (2004)Wonderwall 7-inch Single (2004)

Nuclear 7-inch Single (2002)Hey Parker, It's Christmas 7-inch Single (2003)

On average, each disc cost me $30 bucks on eBay. So you can imagine my elation when, in the midst of this hunt, I find that some amazing person decided to (re)release an old Whiskeytown Single for Record Store Day. In the spirit of the celebration of the independent, locally-owned vinyl shops, the Whiskeytown disc was offered at under 10 bucks!

It's a limited edition new pressing produced exclusively for Record Store Day '09. The 2 tracks are from The Baseball Park Sessions - the same session that produced the bonus tracks included with the Faithless Street re-issue. They were originally recorded in 1996 and previously unreleased.

Whiskeytown - San Antone (vinyl rip)
Whiskeytown - The Great Divide (vinyl rip)

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  1. Thank you! Much appreciated!

  2. every time I go to record stores and remastered versions of Heartbreaker, a album I DESPERATELY want a la vinyl, mock me incessantly

    it's quite tragic

    thanks for the mp3s. I am jealous of your collection