Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big Surprise Tour: Nashville, TN

Checkin' in from the hotel in Nashville before I head down to the banks of the Cumberland to enjoy night 1 of my Big Surprise Tour double-feature. I feel like I've already been on vacation for a week, but have yet to experience the real reason for the trip. We've been in Music City for 3 nights now - checked out Lower Broadway, the uber-tourist, live music strip in downtown Nashville, as well as some other, less-cheesy areas of the city. We caught an amazing show from The Low Anthem in a quaint, little brick joint known as The Basement. I will put up a full review of the show complete with photos when I get the time.

The venue couldn't be more in the heart of Nashville. Riverfront Park is a grass lawn overlooking a stage/barge docked in the Cumberland River. The area backs up to the corner of First St and Broadway. The backstage area not only consists of the river and various bridges, but the Titans' LP Field also serves as a scenic backdrop.

The bands are no-doubt in full stride by this point in the tour, having had numerous stops from New Hampshire on down to Tennessese, and the last stop tomorrow night in Knoxville promises to be a blowout of a finale. Full reviews/photos to follow.

The Felice Brothers - The Big Surprise
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  1. Who are you road tripping with???

  2. Great blog! Just found this one - might be fitting considering the road trip you are on - the first (out out print recording) of the Felice Bros. called "Iantown". If you haven't got it already, it's really awesome.

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  3. Lacy - just John and I

    Thanks for the link, anon.

    Btw, I just got to the show - couldn't take my camera in. Pretty bummed. Apparently 'detachable lens' means 'professional photography' these days.

  4. Depending on how long you are in town, a couple of other non-touristy places to check-out. The Family Wash in East Nashville - often frequented by Tommy Womack, Paul Burch, and similar artists. And Listening Room Cafe in Cummins Station behind the Frist Art Museum - featuring several country-style songwriters some established and some trying to get a toe-hold in the biz. The Basement is awesome. The Bluebird Cafe is traditional and always packed. But these other places are purty dadgum neat as well. Enjoy your stay in our little Southern city.

  5. I saw the first night of The Big Surprise Tour in New Hampshire. It was incredible!

  6. I posted the link for "Iantown" above. Anyone got a link to the pre-Felice Brothers band "Big Empty" and their - even more out-of-print album (also named "Big Empty")? I've only got a mp3 of a beauitiful track called "Home from War" and I'm on the look-out for the complete album ... I'm dying over here /Bakamomo

  7. saw this show in Philadelphia at the great Electric Factory. Everyone was great!! i became a new fan of THe Felice Brothers and Justin Townes Earle. I was there to see Gillian and OCMS. Unbelievable show, too bad it wasn't longer.