Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Links & (new album) News for October...

First, the New Album news:
  • The much anticipated new Gillian Welch album isn't coming anytime soon... but a David Rawlings Machine album is! Heather at Fuel/Friends reported that Dave's album, A Friend of A Friend, is due November 17th and will apparently feature his version of 'To Be Young,' a Ryan Adams co-write. Gillian will appear on 8 of the 9 tracks.
  • The Felice Brothers got directly back to work after Yonder Is The Clock dropped earlier this year. They readied a 9-track demo with the intention of selling at shows - specifically The Big Surprise Tour. But the demand was such that their management wanted to make it an official release. No word on a release date or format for the The Mixtape yet.
**Update** Pre-order is available now. $10 - Ships Monday 10/12.

And the rest:
  • Our old friend BoyHowdy from Cover Lay Down was inspired by my recent Slaid Cleaves post to dig deeper into the world of Slaid's coverfolk. As always, it's well-written and informing.
  • ThisMornin' favorite Bombadil recently stopped off at the Daytrotter studios to record some songs. It's a great set with 3 tracks off the new one and a revisited song from their debut. Check it out.
  • Thanks to a link to my previous post on the Bob Dylan fansite, ThisMornin' received at record number of hits today (700 and counting...). Maybe I should talk about 'ol Bobby D more - people seem to like him.
  • I took some time to calm down and re-read my I And Love And You review the other day and realized it came off much more negative than I intended. This isn't any sort of recant, but maybe I was sizing it up next to Emotionalism a little too much. I'm just saying, don't call me a hypocrite if it shows up on a list here at the end of the year. Maybe my faith in The Avett Brothers was a little re-instilled when I caught their performance on Ferguson last night - a complete 180 from the direction they took on Letterman. See for yourself:

Pick up the mp3 here.

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