Monday, November 30, 2009

Bombadil Offers Sincere Correspondence, New Video...

The good folks from North Carolina's Bombadil have been very generous to this music blogger from the start. I have received both of their full-length albums early, free, and thoughtfully personalized. Just last week, I was also sent a postcard featuring Oto The Bear (above) from the guys wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks, and right back at you Brian, Daniel, and James.

Be sure to get yourself a hard copy of the band's latest, Tarpits & Canyonlands. It is adorned with some amazing album art - including Oto - by Robbi Behr - check it out here.

Bombadil just unleashed their first ever music video. Set to 'So Many Ways To Die,' the flick features classic (public domain) footage of the various ways people have come close to dying. But just as their music is brave and uplifting, the video reveals that the only way to truly live is to push yourself to your own limits.

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  1. You beat me to the punch on this one Payton...

    Good video, great band. I have my Otto the Bear postcard proudly displayed on my refrigerator door.