Friday, December 25, 2009

Links & News: Christmas Edition....

Merry Christmas to all. In the last few days, I haven't had time to prepare any sort of Holiday post, do any thoughtful gift-buying, or properly wrap the gifts I hastily snatched up today. My shopping expedition was haunted by a looming CVS stop and the drive to Grandma's this evening was nearly thwarted but 35+ mph wind gusts. But I'm safe and warm now, enjoying Christmas with the family... though, in a place without much for speedy internet necessary for uploading songs. So, this year, I will direct you to some that did have the time.

Christmas Music Mixes, etc:
I Am Fuel, You Are Friends
plus Heather's (re-upped) 2008 and 2007 Christmas posts.
Rollo & Grady
Brooklyn Vegan
(including some sweet videos)
Songs: Illinois
Nine Bullets offers a holiday song... and a nice reminder.
Bag of Songs is 24/25ths of the way through it's Bag of Christmas songs.
Middle Distance Runner (#7) has a free holiday track.
And, as always, Star Maker Machine has plenty of festive music.