Monday, May 18, 2009

Ryan Sets Free New Book and New (old) Track...

That's the freshly positive Ryan Adams uploading a demo (somewhat acoustic) recording of 'Magick' to his website as a thanks for all the pre-orders of his latest written work, Hello Sunshine. Ryan's second book of verse is purported to be a much brighter collection of poems and short fiction than his debut literary work.

The song is available for download if you know your way around the nets, but I'll make it easy on you.
Magick (Original Home Demo)

The book - at least the pre-order - costs nearly as much as I've spent on my entire collection of Ryan Adams' music, but that didn't stop this unapologetic fan (even after Cardinology) from droppin' the bucks. For $50 +shipping you get a hardcover version of Hello Sunshine plus a limited edition, numbered chapbook signed by Ryan. This addition, entitled Pink Magic (I guess he found the spellcheck this time) is only available through this pre-order. It's not officially released until December 1st, but the pre-orders will ship by August 10th.

Ryan says of Hello Sunshine, "This collection was a beautiful way for me to wrap up my narrative verse style of writing before I move into writing short stories and novels. Maybe this book really is more about my connection to my senses and to the romantic. Where I was scared to read Infinity Blues after I wrote it, Hello Sunshine makes me want to eat ice cream. This book is about, quite simply, how it might feel to surrender to a love. It will reinforce everyone's fear that I am smarter than them."

Click here to order yours.

Now, I've said before that I'm not the biggest fan of poetry, but Ryan's Infinity Blues is slowly growing on me. As I've made my way through the strangely spaced and punctuated verse, a handful of the selections have emerged as (somewhat) coherent and enjoyable. Here's one that stood out to me:

In the Middle of the Night Goes the Bang
Ryan Adams

in these slow moments, when there is too much time, i feel the entire inside
world of me collapse into its pile
the words drift from me
and i am but a calm swarm
an endless end
my skin touches the edge of the desk and i know i am alive
sort of hanging
and i feel a soft heart
my own
go into the gears, go shredding
for lack of tears
and more words
for the things i could not express
and time
which will not wind itself back
where the folds of what was me and what were wishes
came undone
like a slow dress in a brutal wind
like when a flock separates
and takes no shape again
was that my soul
my heart wrapped in tin
with a wire
on ice
and a bulb too thin
or a dream too long
or a breath too kissed
words they do fine
but cannot touch
this thing i miss
a heart
inside me
in the middle of the night goes the bang

Buy Infinity Blues, if you dare.


  1. I love the poem you posted. I've got a list of my favorites from IB and that one is on it. The list
    has grown quite long and unwieldy. There are a few in there I don't like but for a book of poems that long, there are many many I really love. Glad to see someone posting about it.

  2. I, too, am glad to know that someone out there is also reading his stuff. I hadn't had any conformation that anyone other that Stephen King had picked it up.

    I've got a collection of 'dogears' growing throughout my copy.

    Btw, you may now hold the record for quickest comment....