Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mixtape IV: Rainsongs

I've been spending my working days a little farther west this summer. The drought conditions and record number of 100° days really took a toll on South Central Texas. But in the past week, the skies have finally let loose.

It's funny how things work. With all the recent rain, I'd begun compiling a list of 'rain' songs and had a slight case of déjà vu. I checked my archives and remembered that I put together a similar small mix near this time last year as a much-needed rain came my way. The systems bringing in the moisture this time are likewise ushering in what feels to be fall, and it's got me excited. A friend told me the other day: I don't know if I have a favorite season, I just like when it changes. I like that.

This year's mix steals a bit from last year's, but is much bigger and leans on the optimistic leg. And like all my mixtapes, careful attention is payed to song order and album flow, and it will fit perfectly on a CD. One of my previous mixtapes was comprised of 'storm' songs, which are somewhat different, so I've stayed away from the ones I used there. This tape features two brand new songs from Ryan Adams - one from each of his recently released digital singles. The lead track from Sea Wolf is one of my favorites. Following the raindrop intro is a well-written story of love's beginnings on a rainy fall night. You'll find a good mix of and classic tunes, a Dylan cover, and some stuff from down here in Texas. The mix closes out with everyone's favorite High Fidelity soundtrack tune - a movie that fittingly centers around the idea of the mixtape - and one of Patty Griffin's most powerful songs - but really... does she have any that aren't?

It seems much of the country is currently experiencing heavy rains, so I hope this mix finds you well and fits your mood.

Side A:
1. Leaves in the River - Sea Wolf
2. Raincoat Song - The Decemberists
3. Rain in LaFayette - Pat Green
4. I Wish It Would Rain - Wreckless Eric
5. Rain - The Beatles
6. Save It For A Rainy Day - The Jayhawks
7. The Beatles & The Thunder - Max Stalling
8. What Color Is Rain - Ryan Adams
9. Buckets of Rain - Neko Case
10. Rainy Day Blues - Willie Nelson

Side B:

1. I Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations
2. Train Under Water - Bright Eyes
3. She Don't Mind The Rain - The Rosewood Thieves
4. Walk Between The Raindrops - James McMurtry
5. Go Ahead and Rain - Ryan Adams
6. I Love The Rain The Most - Joe Purdy
7. Over The Rain - The Great Divide
8. Hill Country Rain - Jerry Jeff Walker
9. Dry The Rain - The Beta Band
10. Rain - Patty Griffin

Download Rainsongs (zip)

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  1. just downloading your mixtape, looks like a cool mix. thanks!