Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Digs, Vol. 24: Local Edition...

Hey. I'm still here.

Just to prove it, here are some sweet jams that will no-doubt match the sonic quality you always find here. These songs are all new to my library, and all happen to come from the Lone Star State - or somewhere very near.

Walt Wilkins - Gypsy Line
buy Vigil (2009)
Walt Wilkins is another one of the hundreds of brilliant songwriters we have hiding down here in Texas. His fluent way with words is matched by his effortlessly smooth vocal ability. Walt's been making music since '02 and has had a number of his songs featured by Pat Green. Vigil, Walt's fifth album, was released in June of this year.

Walt: [Website][MySpace][Facebook]

Mike McClure Band - Find It In You
buy Onion (2009)
McClure's 7th solo album, Onion, is yet another batch of tunes cooked up in his basement-turned studio. For this veteran songwriter/producer, pumping out albums is not the chore it once was. Mike's already talking about another album in the works. Let's hope he keeps supplying us with his work at this pace.

Mike: [Website][MySpace]

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Pretty Lady
buy Happiness And All The Other Things (2009)
Happiness... marks Ragweed's tenth album and 2009 marks 15 years that this band has been kickin' around. Produced by the aforementioned McClure, this album takes on a slightly different feel than their ealier works, but still has that classic Ragweed swagger. They were, by far, my favorite band throughout most of my adolescence, and I'm glad to see that the guys are still making good music and seem to be a genuine as ever.

CCR: [Website][MySpace][Facebook]

Stephanie Briggs - Good Guess
buy Birds Barely Know Us (2009)
I found Stephanie in the liner notes to the above mentioned album - she co-wrote a handful of songs with Cody Canada, offered some vocal help, and even designed the album art for Happiness... Stephanie's got a fun, quirky vocal delivery overlaid with electric guitars and interesting arrangement. She's much edgier than the other 'Texas' bands she associates with - in a good way. Glad I looked her up.

Stephanie: [Website][MySpace][Facebook]

photo by Alexandra Valenti
The Happen-Ins - Die
You may remember me mentioning that the two main pieces of Austin's Dedringers parted ways earlier this year. Sean Faires went on to form The Happen-Ins with the help of some other talented Austin musicians. I've since caught the band live a few times, and I'm more impressed each time. They play dirty, groovy blues/rock with infectious hooks and energetic vocals. I have a feeling after next year's SXSW, things are gonna be happenin' for these guys. This tune is from a demo I got my hands on - hopefully a taste of a soon-to-come full album.

Happen-Ins: [MySpace][Facebook]

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