Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Black Crow Blues......

One of the other blogs i read has features called Compare & Contrast as well as one called Homonym - both highlight songs that have the same name, but sound different. i'm not really clever enough to come up with a title that is different (or better) than those, so here are a couple songs for you to consider..............


i find it interesting that so many bands names, band logos, song titles, etc. are inspired by the fabled CROW. Going back even before Poe and his Raven, the black bird has long symbolized death (or is at least an omen for it) in mythology and folklore. So what better way to pay homage to the ghastly bird than for two of the greatest folksters to sing the blues for him.

mp3: Bob Dylan - Black Crow Blues
buy Another Side of Bob Dylan (1964)

One of those beautiful oddities wherein despite the up-tempo nature of the tune, the feeling of the blues still comes through......

"black crows in the meadow,
across a broad highway.

though it's funny, honey,
i just don't feel much like a scarecrow today."

mp3: Townes Van Zandt - Black Crow Blues
buy In The Beginning (2003)

i don't know if anyone can evoke sadness like TVZ. Not only does Townes himself sound lonely, the reverb behind him makes him sound like he truly is alone in some dark chamber. This is the blues if i've ever heard 'em.....

"well the black crows are screamin'
the yellow sun's warm
and the grass tumbles tall down the hill.
but there's a cold wind a buildin'
it's bringin' a storm,
when the call of the black crow goes still"


  1. jojo ( 12, 2008 at 10:09 AM

    Right on with the Townes Van Zandt. There is such raw, somber emotion conveyed in his singing. It almost stings to listen to it.

  2. good post (any post which references poe is bound to be a good one), esp. dug on the townes. reminds me a lot of dylan circa times they are a changin, with all the sheer desolation of a song like "north country blues"