Sunday, June 22, 2008

More FREE MUSIC from Austin.....

The Dedringers are a band out of the Austin, TX area that i have had the pleasure of watching grow (their hair, and) musically over the last few years. Much like their friends, The Gougers (posted about here), the Dedringers are releasing their latest album for FREE.

The band started out as simply as Sean Faires & Jonny Burke and their guitars. They have since filled out with a rhythm section (Josh Garner, John Michael Schepf).

The first time i saw The Dedringers, they were a duo opening for Mike McClure (who produced their first release - Definitely, Purposely Infinite [EP]. They came out on the dark stage of Saengerhalle - a now defunct, but at one time unique venue in New Braunfels, TX - and proceeded to play 30 minutes of the most haunting tunes i'd heard in a long while. The lights never brightened and all the while the two young guys were sharing sips of an unknown beverage from a red solo cup placed between them, singing lines such as "mama died givin' birth to me/daddy left, said he couldn't stand the sight of me" & "i ain't bad, baby/i just ain't no god damn good". Only later did i find out that Sean and Johnny were only 18 at the time. The eerie lyrics mixed with perfect timing on the guitars and spot-on harmonies stole my attention for the entire show. Since that first concert, i've caught the band a few times here and there and, with each show, their guitar skills have multiplied while their songwriting continues to grab my attention.

Again similar to The Gougers, Sean and Jonny share the songwriting and lead vocal duties. Their sound - if i have to compare it somewhere - sounds like a grittier Stones fronted by a darker Neil Young. Seriously.

Ok, enough of that. What about the FREE MUSIC??

Just head over to and click the Dedringers banner. You'll be taken to a page with simple right-click, save-as mp3's for the taking. Plus, if you're planning on being near Austin any time soon, you can join the band's mailing list and receive a coupon to get the hard copy of Sweetheart of the Neighborhood for only $7.99 at Waterloo when it's officially released on July 10th.

But to get you interested, here's a couple tunes off the aforementioned EP:

mp3: The Dedringers - Little White Lies

mp3: The Dedringers - I Ain't Bad

buy Definitely, Purposely Infinite

Check out The Dedringers' MySpace

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  1. Thanks for hooking up the free dl link. Album cut of Heart of Gold is even better than that mp3 we've been feeding off of for the last two years.
    I remember that show at Gruene where I was convinced they'd self-destruct before they cut a full album. Glad I was wrong