Monday, June 2, 2008

Exclusive: The Kites.....

The Kites
Carousel Lounge - Austin, TX

Got some exclusive tracks here.

The Kites are a band out of Austin. i'm a little biased when it comes to these guys, so i'm not gonna say a lot.

It's sad folk music. It's groovy alt-country. It's greasy Rock N Roll.

mp3: Surely a Queen
mp3: Sweet Emma & My Lucky Coin
mp3: Like A Canyon
mp3: Down on 24th Street
mp3: Bear Mountain

Levy Johnson writes, sings, plays guitar and piano. John Logan fills in with guitar and harmonies. Cody Johnson provides the thump while Buzzy Wendtland bangs skins.

Check out their Myspace.

Leave a comment if you dig it.


  1. How awesome is "Bear Mountain"? Certainly my favorite that they've recorded. Couple things I take from this:
    1) Piano should become an integral part of the Kites' musical equation.
    2) The songwriting, good as it was before, is really taking shape, and we're seeing a lyrical theme coming to the fold.

    All prejudices aside, i really think this is one of your best posts, P. Best three-sentence description of serious music that I've seen in a minute. Whoever took the band pictures did an excellent job, as well.

  2. My window is glassing the Gulf of Mexico at the moment and as the waves foam the water and compact the sand, the sound of the kites is truly as pleasant as the ocean breeze. Kites in the wind and through the airwaves...truly priceless.