Friday, July 18, 2008

More Todd Snider.....

Got a link to this in my inbox this morning.
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It's Todd's newest song, America's Favorite Pastime - about Dock Ellis who, to the envy of many, once threw a NO HITTER on LSD. Amazing.

The song is from Todd's forthcoming album, Peace Queer - out August 19th. It will carry a theme that he is well-accustomed to - the modern-day protest song. He includes a cover of CCR's Fortunate Son, and the lead-off track is entitled Mission Accomplished - we all know what that's in reference to.

i've thrown up a couple Todd Snider songs here and there, but not enough has been said about this wordsmith. Like John Prine before him, Todd has a way with words that is not initially super-impressive. At times, their lyrics are so corny that they are are downright mindblowing. And listening to people like Townes Van Zandt, Elliot Smith, and Ryan Adams - whose austere phrases are often difficult to decode, we tend to forget the value of a little humor and levity in music. While Todd may not shoot for the most intellectual phrase to come up with, his timing and syllabic choices are perfect. He has a superb sense of melody that shines through in his solo acoustic work.

You Got Away With It ~ from The Devil You Know (2006)
A tongue-in-cheek song about the most powerful frat-boy of them all.
"You got the run of this place.... unbelievable!"

Here's another humor-driven tune from Todd:
Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request
buy East Nashville Skyline (2004)


  1. i think you pegged todd snider pretty well.esp. that bit about him bein a funny s.o.b and the john prine connection.

  2. yeah, if i must say, i was particularly proud of that post.

    and right now, i'm sittin' here listening to john prine's self-titled one - and seeing the connection all over again. not a wasted or squished syllable on the whole album. great stuff.

  3. Todd's newest song is amazing I watch the video and I realize he has a perfect voice, wow now I'd like to buy his album because imagine all this songs maybe are like this one.m10m