Thursday, July 17, 2008

Playlist Pulse: Slowies.....

Haven't done one of these in a while. i've been pretty short on time this week, so no in-depth posts requiring a lot of thought are in the works. That's why i started this Playlist Pulse thing anyway - to get some songs out to the people in a simple way.

Today, i'm pulling from my Slowies playlist. It's simply a collection of soothing, slow-paced songs that i often use to fall asleep to. That's not to say that the songs are uninteresting, just very calming. In fact, i often end up staying awake thoroughly examining the words - as simple, quiet instrumentation paves the way for lyrically driven songs.

  1. Iron & Wine - The Sea & The Rhythm
    buy The Sea & The Rhythm [EP]
    Sam Beam comprises about 20 percent of this playlist. His fluid vocals could calm a cat in a swimming pool. This song wouldn't be near as magnificent if it weren't for the shockingly simple banjo solos.
  2. The Wood Brothers - That's What Angels Can Do
    buy Ways Not To Lose
    The Wood Brothers momentarily drop their heavy groove and show us a beautiful song in which Oliver decides that the only explanation for his love's power of him is that she must be an angel. Listen close and you'll hear trickling water in the background....
  3. Band of Horses - Part One
    buy Everything All The Same
  4. Okkervil River - Savannah Smiles
    buy The Stage Names
    The xylophone is a perfect touch for a song about your little girl.
  5. Todd Snider - All My Life
    buy Happy To Be Here
    Simply beautiful.

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  1. "savannah" has to be my favorite off "Stage names". gets me every time: "joe turns the tv on with all the lights out". fuckin depressing

    good list sir