Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Digs.........

Not much else to say except these are some of the songs i've been spinnin' lately.

The Roadside Graves - Far and Wide
The Roadside Graves - Ruby
from their upcoming Demo EP

The Graves have released some pieces of a Demo they've been working on. These two tracks show the versatility and boundless instrumentation that a seven-piece band can provide. Buy their latest album.

The Acorn - Good Enough
i only have a handful of songs from this Canadian band, some of which i really like. They've put out 2 albums and 2 EP's since '04. This newest find is an almost unrecognizable cover of song that is dear to my heart - Cyndi Lauper's Good Enough was the theme song to one of the greatest movies ever put on film....

Jayber Crow - Freeze and Thaw
Jayber Crow - Devil and the Desert
i finally got my hands on Two Short Stories that came out in April. As the title suggests, the album is a bona fide 2-sider. Side A - Freeze and Thaw. Side B - What Is This Wilderness? Each takes you on an acoustic journey with waxing and waning intensity as the tracks roll on. If you're looking for a solid album that has a story (or two) to tell, pick this one up.


  1. good music. really like the graves. 7 pieces?! they pull it off well. really doesnt sound like anything else out right now (felice bros. maybe a little bit?)

    jayber's pretty sparse. do dig those handclaps on "freeze" tho

  2. That looks like the COW record store in Ocean Beach CA. Do all used record stores look the same?

  3. could very well be - i just stole the picture from a google search...

  4. hey, i emailed you a little while back to compliment you on your blog, and i just wanted to let you know i started my own, and you're linked! take a look if you have a sec. it's . Peace :)