Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Look At Me, Try These Folks....


i've been both a little uninspired and busy with work (yes, i have a job). Nothing new has hit my ears lately, but i have been sorting through all my '08 discs, giving them a full spin, and doing some preliminary ordering.
i started doing those 'one liner' posts 1) to feature some of my photography and 2) to help me through moments of idea-lessness. Today, i will start another post to help when i've got nothing to say - one that nearly everyone else does - a blog roundup:
  • Nelson from A Fifty Cent Lighter... posted on his Top Five Most Played Songs in iTunes. Very interesting concept that uses one of the many amazing features of the program. i made a comment and gave mine - if any of you out there use iTunes, drop by and give him your list. He also added another disc to his Essential Albums - one that i only recently got into but am really enjoying.
  • Daytrotter's got a bunch of new live sets since i last talked about 'em - including one from The Punch Brothers, Chris Thile's astute bluegrass band that i got to see in Austin a few weeks ago. These United States stopped by for their second session a while back, too.
  • Many of my daily reads are reporting some frightful news. It seems that mp3 bloggers are receiving an increased number of take down notices from copyright holders. When Blogger receives this alert, often they will completely delete the posts in question without notifying the author, totally undermining each blog's sampling/song removal policies. Paul from Setting The Woods on Fire has actually suspended his writing/posting efforts until this all clears up - sadly, just after his 1 year aniversary post. Fortunately, nothing of the sort has happened at This Mornin'... but keep your fingers crossed.
  • Star Maker Machine, despite a couple of the aforementioned post removals, is still inspiring great music. Last week, the theme was simple but fruitful: we posted songs whose titles were made up of an Adjective Noun combo. This weeks is a festive Halloween theme.
  • The Tuning Room has joined the Kasey Chambers bandwagon.
  • Keeping it fresh nearly every day, Rollo & Grady continues to offer up rare Whiskeytown & Stones, blues, and live stuff.
  • Go here and get Todd Snider's new one, Peace Queer, FOR FREE for the next 3 days. Todd's never been one to conform, and this album is another example of that. It's a sparse, short collection (8 tracks - one spoken, one instrumental, and then the spoken one made into a song) highlighted by Patty Griffin's strong presence on 2 tracks.

It wouldn't be right if i posted something on this Tuesday without mentioning a certain new release. My Cardinology vinyl should be here any minute, but sadly, i'm not utterly excited. i streamed the album two times through and it's decent - and that may be a little nice. Hopefully it will unfold a little on me with time and patience, but initially it seems to be in the same vein as Easy Tiger. However, i refuse to offer up too much critisism until i actually hold the thing and hear it in all its fidelity. Luckily, i'll only have to wait another month before i get my next piece of Ryan Adams paraphenalia - the pre-order of Infinity Blues will ship before Christmas.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say that while you might be feeling a little less than inspired, This Mornin' continues to inspire over here--as does SMM. Haven't begun to explore all the suggestions you have made this last year.