Friday, October 3, 2008

Ryan Adams: Pinkheart Sessions (2)

Here's the second of the two Pinkheart Sessions.

This time The Pinkhearts were: Ryan Adams, Billy Mercer, Brad Rice, & Brad Pemberton. The session took place in July of 2001 at Javelina Studios in Nashville and was produced by Dave Domanich. The tracks here that also appeared on the first session are slightly more produced - with things like saxes added. This session saw the completion of the tracks that would make up Demolition. But like the first, much of it is wild and very unfocused - it seems Ryan and Brad Rice may have had a few solo battles.

A narrative of any given Saturday on the town with the Pinkhearts - Saturday Night, and a very groovy tribute to a man who simply cannot be killed by conventional weapons - Song For Keith.

1. Blowin' The Coup (instrumental)
2. Blue and Shy
3. Ca
ndy Doll
4. Down At The Movies
5. Fuck It ... I Broke Your Cat
6. Gimme A Sign
7. Interstellar Collider
8. Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)
9. Mega-Su
perior Gold
10. My Baby's Going Home (aka Tomorrow)
11. Nuclear
12. On My Way (instrumental)
13. I Took Your Puppies To A Race Car Track
14. Saturday Night
15. Song For Keith
16. Starting To Hurt
17. Tennessee Sucks

"It's hard to have a fight in a tent. How do you show your anger?
You can't slap the flap...
What do you do, zipper it up really quick?"

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