Friday, October 3, 2008

No Show......

i didn't take that picture.
But i could have.
Like... five minutes ago.

That is, if The Kooks hadn't have canceled their show in Houston tonight. Although i only bought my tickets 2 days ago, i was hugely pumped to see that show. And just before i was to leave town and head for Houston, across the wire came the news. Some sort of illness. Shit.

So here i am.
In front of the computer instead.
Whiskey & soda.

i don't get to catch many shows as it is in these parts. Especially not folks like The Kooks. i was ready to have my face melted by the hottest thing to come out of Britain since fish n' chips.

i'm gonna continue to vent here....

Just 3 weeks ago, i was in Austin and hours away from seeing Kasey Chambers (who came even further than Luke Pritchard and band). Until my craigslist ticket connection backed out on me.

So there goes two chances to see great music that won't happen again for quite a while.

But alas, disaster-barring, i WILL see Ryan Adams & The Cardinals in Austin in 13 short days. There is hope, folks.

That is all.

The Kooks - If Only
buy Inside In/Inside Out (2006)

Kasey Chambers - Guilty As Sin
buy Wayward Angel (2004)

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - NY, NY (punk version)


  1. i feel the same way ,i was going to see them in austin...

  2. i just feel the same way... i really wanted to see them, i mean the KOOKS in texas.. but no...oh well!