Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Lists Begin: Top EP's of 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates - been finding other things to do (movies, games, even a trip to the zoo) trying to stave off adulthood as long as possible, i guess. But here we are, nearly halfway through the last month of the year... and it's list time.

As a warm-up, here is a mini-list for EP's of the year. My motive for this post is the need to highlight the band who holds the top spot - newcomers whose 2008 EP would've easily made my album list had there been twice as many songs.

1. Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers - The Confiscation EP

Beloved, We Have Expired
Youthful Okie Samantha Crain emerged on the folk scene this year with an EP released by Ramseur Records. i first posted on this EP in a New Digs here. The disc has remained in my rotation since i picked it up, and it simply keeps growing on me. Songs In The Night, the band's first full-length effort is scheduled for an April 28th, 2009 release. Also, check out their brand new website.

Buy it.

2. Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant EP

English House
The precursor to the Fleet Foxes self-titled debut offered a smooth introduction into the classical yet contemporary stylings of this Seattle band.

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Get the Fleet Foxes on vinyl and it comes with the Sun Giant EP.

3. The Avett Brothers - The Second Gleam

Tear Down The House
The Avett Brothers' Emotionalism was my top pick for album of 2007, and i wouldn't change that choice a year later. While the second edition in their Gleam EP series was not near as impressive, it shows that the band is still the most creative act on the scene, espicially with regard to their instrumental decisions.

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  1. man I just couldn't get into that Avett brothers EP. My favorite EP of the year would have to be Peace Queer by Todd Snider. Also Jason Isbell's EP wasn't too bad even if it was just a live rehashing of his debut album

  2. Yeah, i kind of agree on the Avett's EP. But the Gleam series is intended to be a more low key, songwriting project for the band.

    i debated whether or not Todd's album was an EP. It's definitely short on tracks, but i haven't seen it referred to as an EP by any official account. i never have quite gotten into Jason Isbell - maybe i should try harder.

    Thanks for the link over A Truer Sound, the favor has been returned.