Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ryan Adams: It's Christmas Time....

Ryan Adams - Hey Parker, It's Christmas

This exceptional and rare B-side from Ryan was included on a 7 inch with limited purchases of Rock N Roll in December of 2003.

Ryan seems to have an affinity for the obscure brunette actress. Although he claims to only have been good friends with Winona Ryder, rumors of their dating still abound. Later, he very publicly cavorted with Parker Posey. Along with the infamous Amy, Parker is one of a select few lovers to be immortalized in a song title. Also, Alanis Morrisette got more than a few liner mentions back in the Gold days, but Ryan denies ever dating her.

Earlier this year, Ryan was seen terrorizing Hollywood with actress/singer Mandy Moore. But the most recent raven-haired starlet to have a Ryan Adams connection is the stunning Mary Louise Parker. My newly acquired copy of Ryan's first literary work Infinity Blues contains the following quote from Mary Louise on the back cover:
"Ryan Adams writes with equal parts precision and recklessness; the blood he draws from the text is easily as unnerving as its unapologetic tenderness. He is proof that poetry will find its writer."
'Thank You Louise' from Love Is Hell is rumored to be an ode to the Weeds star; in the song he expands on the name referring to a Mary-Louise. Here you'll find the essential music to know to get with Mary Louise. Number 6 on the list is Ryan's 'Come Pick Me Up.' She says it "makes [her] want to &%#$ the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker."


Enjoy these tidbits, as they will be the closest thing to celebrity gossip you will ever find on This Mornin' I Am Born Again. Oh, and Merry Christmas!


  1. In the spirit of Christmas & Ryan Adams, here is a demo track I came across in my files while compiling my xmas comp 2. Don't know anything about it, and it probably dates back to the days of napster. Anyway, here it is

    It's a song called Little Gifts by Whiskeytown

  2. Thanks for a great Christmas gift! It doesn't get much better than picking up a long lost Whiskeytown track. Thanks again.

    Here is a download link for those that want it.

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