Thursday, December 4, 2008

Super Photo Post: NYC

A near complete recovery from The City has been made. One piece of luggage seems to still elude the fine folks at both Delta and Continental. Never switch airlines/airports after you check baggage. Our luggage was purportedly cargoed by Delta, but strangely the claim must be filed with the airline that transported you. And i've recently found out that the claim/reimbursement process is much like microbiology.

But prior to Monday evening, NYC did me well. Great weather - a little chilly 35-45, but it was very refreshing. We don't necessarily have bundle-up weather here, and therefore winter attire is a welcome change. i've done the touristy thing before, so i spent most of my trip in and around the West Village where my sister lives. Greenwich Village is an oasis of civility in an otherwise commercial and dizzying metropolis. As it was in the 60's when Dave Van Ronk was the unofficial Mayor of MacDougal Street and Dylan was playing for change in a hat, The Village is brimming with eclectic culture and more importantly, record stores.

As expected, many pictures were taken. Sunshine through Saturday supplied good skies, and the rain that came Sunday made for good night shots. After sorting through hundreds of photos, a few keepers were found:

Stay tuned for my second mixtape - NYC MIX - coming tomorrow... time permitting.
Meanwhile check out Mixtape I: Surviving Ike.

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