Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So late last year, i invested in the biggest (160 gigs) iPod you can buy to store all my musical goodness. And to keep my computer running clean, i only kept about 1000 or so of the most essential mp3's on my hard drive - the rest was on my ipod, which i basically used as an external drive.

Then one fateful day about a month ago, iTunes froze up on me. Instead of being patient - which i have a hard time doing - i ejected the iPod by right clicking on the device through 'my computer'. Turned on my iPod and............. 'no music'


Upon closer inspection, 26 or so gigs of space were still taken up, but not as 'music'. The files were listed under the category 'other'..... so there's some hope.

Restarted the iPod - no luck
Reinstalled iTunes - no luck
Read 1,043 forums regarding iPod problems - no luck

Apple's only suggestion is to restore the iPod to factory settings - which deletes everything off the Ipod - and simply re-sync the device through iTunes. Great!.... if you have all your music on your computer - but that's why i spent $300 on a HUGE iPod. Fuck you Steve Jobs.

Now, i could restore the iPod and load everything back on - i have it all somewhere, whether its on my old mp3 player or on cd's - but that's a lot of carpel-tunnel inducing hours. Plus, all the time i spent organizing artists, album information, genres, album art, etc. would be lost, and i would have to do it all again. And, come on, i've got a blog to write.

So, i sucked it up, shelled out some cash, and shipped out my beloved iPod to a tech restore company.

Got home from class today and a little brown box is waiting for me.........

-Power ON-

**ok, so it seems you cannot take an un-fuzzy picture of an iPod.

anyway, you get the picture.

Back In Business!
here are some apropos songs:
mp3: Ryan Adams - Hallelujah ~ from Demolition (2002)
mp3: Willie Nelson - Hallelujah ~ from Songbird (2006)
mp3: The Everybodyfields - Everything Is Okay ~ from Nothing Is Okay (2007)
mp3: Todd Snider - Old Friend (with Jack Ingram) ~ from Peace, Love, and Anarchy (2007)

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  1. funny post right there dude...glad it all worked out