Friday, February 22, 2008

New Digs......

Here we are again - another Friday. Had a busy week with school, and i'm leaving in the morning for a field trip (yes i said 'field trip' - that's what geologists do) so i won't get anything posted this weekend. Don't have a lot of time tonight, but i have a couple new tunes in my library i'm diggin'.

Also, some good news - i got my blog added to If you don't know, it's a music blog archiver like The Hype Machine, only better. For one, they added 'This Mornin I Am Born Again' (as of now, the Hype Machine doesn't think i meet the standards to be added to their site. One of the requirements is 'generates discussion', so start leavin' some comments, people). Also, on Elbows, you can search not only artists and song titles, but searches will return any text from blogs, so even if bloggers don't post tracks from artsits/topics you're interested in, you can still find some written info. Check it out.

here's a couple new tracks:

mp3: Jayber Crow - The Farmer and the Nomad ~ from The Farmer and the Nomad [EP] (MySpace)
Jayber Crow is Pete Becker Nelson and Zach Hawkins. They play a guitar and mandolin with a little tambourine mixed in. It's folky acoustic music with good harmonies. Lookin' forward to a debut album.

mp3: O'Death - Down To Rest ~ from Head Home (2007)
Punk Bluegrass is the best simple desciption of O'Death i can come up with. Five guys with guitars, a little banjo, fiddle, drums, and plenty of hollerin'. Good, unique sound.

mp3: Beaver Nelson - Things Get Shaky 'Round Midnight ~ from The Last Hurrah (1998)
i've known about this guy for a while, but was reminded of him tonight when a buddy of mine told me i missed a show of his in Huntstville tonight. Beaver's got 5 albums to his name since '98. Well-written songs from interesting perspectives that are topped off with a twangy high tenor.

as always, enjoy responsibly.....

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  1. o'death is o so scary....fuck Hypem...I hope that doesn't hurt your that farmer song