Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hayes Carll: Trouble in Mind...

One of my favorite artists that i often forget about - maybe cuz he's pretty selective when it comes to puttin' records together. Hayes Carll's patience, however, pays off. 2005's Little Rock remains one of the best albums in my collection. A perfect mix of grungy, country rock tunes and slower, seething ballads. His debut, Flowers and Liquor (2002), is groovy, sometimes pretty funny, folk-rock. From the small amount of info i've heard about his 2008 release (due out April 8th), he could only have improved. He spent a month in the studio with the help of Darrell Scott and Will Kimbrough - just to name a couple. Although not prolific in the studio, Hayes does quite a bit of touring and festival attending. He just returned from Musicfest in Steamboat, and before that he was on an "end of the year rock and roll jamboree and toga party tour" with John Evans and The Sideshow Tramps. Stingaree is Hayes's own annual music festival that takes place at Crystal Beach on Bolivar Island near Galveston (happening April 18-20 this year).

Heres a leaked track from Trouble In Mind that's about his time on the coast. See if you can't tap your foot a little:

mp3: Hayes Carll - I Got A Gig

some of my favorites from Little Rock:

mp3: Down The Road Tonight
mp3: Long Way Home
mp3: Chickens

and one from Flowers and Liquor:

mp3: Naked Checkers



mp3: The Sideshow Tramps - New Train ~ from Medicine Show (2007)

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