Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Righteous Kill.....

i don't normally talk about movies here at This Mornin'..... but why not shake things up a bit? i'm workin' on a new computer and just revamped some graphics and colors on my page (new comp has Photoshop, so expect me to go a little crazy getting to know how to use it).

Tonight i came across something that really interested me. For the first time since Heat (1995) Al Pacino and Robert De Niro will co-star in a movie.

"Righteous Kill"

The only other time the two appeared on the bill together was for The Godfather: Part II, but they didn't even share a scene. In Heat, they only had like... 2 scenes together. This time, in an indie film directed by Jon Avnet, these two cinematic badasses team up and share the screen for most of the film. Veteran NYC Detectives, Pacino and De Niro are after a vigilante killer who some say is doing their job for them. Just watch......

mp3: The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

It's due in theaters in September.

From that trailer, the theme of the movie seems to center around the power of the gun, so here are some fitting tunes:

mp3: Reckless Kelly - Sixgun

mp3: The Rosewood Thieves - Silver Gun
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mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed - Hammer Down
buy Soul Gravy (2004)

mp3: The Black Keys - Just a Little Heat
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mp3: The Felice Brothers - Hey Hey, Revolver
** interesting note about this song - Rumor has it that The Felice Brothers did some recording for this album in everything from school buses to leaky chicken coops and tried to get some real rain sounds and so on. i read that the pop you hear about 35 seconds in was a very near lightning strike. Seems plausible to to me, cause if you listen close you'll hear thunder just a few seconds afterwards.....


  1. a little tidbit: michael mann, the director of Heat, said the thirteenth take (the one he cut into the movie) of that diner scene between deniro and pacino was the finest acting ever put on celluoid. and now we get a whole movie of that dynamic...

  2. the first time that I saw this movie, I think "holy mother! the two Italian legend, work together in a movie" I mean both are made it excellent gangster performance, but in my personal opinion, Al Pacino is the master!