Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And then another hehe-hehehe.......

A movie can instantly become a hit, sometimes a cult favorite, simply because of it's soundtrack. Often one song, well placed and well chosen, can help you connect to the movie in a way that wouldn't have been possible without the musical selection. i've found that, even if you notice only one perfect soundtrack choice, chances are - the rest of it will be good.

There are the obvious favorites - Dazed & Confused, Blow, Almost Famous, and most of what Scorsese does - set in the time of real Rock N Roll, that use songs from the era portrayed. The Coen Brothers have always kept their soundtracks interesting (often integral to the movie itself). Judd Apatow, aside from completely redefining comedy, has consistently bolstered his films with great music. His newest, Pineapple Express, is permanently connected to this tune:

M.I.A. - Paper Planes
Although Hip-Hop is not my cup of tea, you gotta admit this song is fun.

Lately, indie films are not only supplying exposure for independent writers, directors, and hip actors, but their soundtracks are essentially an indie music sampler. Zach Braff did this with Garden State - but that soundtrack (and film) deserve it's own post. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Michael Cera's new one - sports a soundtrack filled by Devendra Banhart, Modest Mouse, and Band of Horses, among others.
check the trailer.....

i started rootin' around looking for soundtrack stuff and found this. It's got all kinds of movie theme songs as well as a few memorable soundtrack picks. In the post, she mentions how she'd like to get a gig making soundtracks for movies. For a while now, that has been my Dream Job - to score movies. Not like Danny Elfman style, but carefully choosing GOOD songs that fit the movie, splicing them, and working with the editor for seamless timing. i guess it would be a Music Supervisor credit for the film. i'd probably have to go to film school for that - i'm done with school. So if any of you out there have a screenplay sittin' around - hit me up....

she posted this one: Axel F
and immediately, i thought of this:

But back to the Coen Brothers......
In only about an hour of looking for great soundtrack selections, i came across half-a-dozen Big Lebowski specific soundtrack posts. A landmark cult-film with an excellent soundtrack:

Bob Dylan - The Man In Me
Kenny Rogers and the First Addition - Just Dropped In
Gipsy Kings - Hotel California

"...and pull the trigger 'til it goes click"

By the way, stroll on over to Rollo & Grady for not only good soundtrack tunes, but clips of some classic movie lines.....
Hopefully, this will turn into a recurring feature post on superb soundtracks. Hold down your excitement, please. For now, just see it as an introduction to a new venture here at This Mornin'.... a change of pace that is much-needed to spur a continuous flow of ideas that has recently run dry.


  1. Is that a sample of The Clash's "Straight to Hell" on the MIA tune?

  2. dude mia song is awesome...

  3. yeah, thats the clash, and pink floyd's "money" (for the cash register effect) off dark side.
    if lil wayne wasnt so crazy-good, she'd had the best rap album last year.