Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"It's Strange How Hard It Rains Now"

After enduring near drought conditions here in central Texas for a couple months, the skies have finally opened up.
And they let it all go.
Neither Dolly nor Edouard earlier this year had enough left by the time they reached me. But a simple northern front showed up just in time to stifle the heat and quench the earth. The last 2 days of constant rainfall have not only held the dust down, but instantly turned the brown fields to green and lifted burn bans.

Rain, as well as many of mother nature's offerings, have been the subject of (or influence for) a plethora of songs. Dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and being forced to remain indoors can bring out the sadness in some and helps to create those somber songs.

Patty Griffin - Rain
buy 1000 Kisses (2005)
Willie Nelson - Rainy Day Blues
buy Songbird (2006)
Ryan Adams - Rainy Days
from The Destroyer Sessions (2000)
Walt Wilkins - 18 Days of Rain
buy Hopewell (2007)

Often used as a metaphor for the cleansing of the soul, rain songs can also be uplifting, despite the gloominess the rain might bring. You can find some hope in a storm if you look forward to the fresh skies that will follow.

The Jayhawks - Save it for a Rainy Day
buy Rainy Day Music (2003)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
buy Pendulum (1970)
James McMurtry - Walk Between the Raindrops
buy Walk Between the Raindrops (1998)
Jerry Jeff Walker - Hill Country Rain
buy Hill Country Rain (1992)

i've got an even better of mix of storm songs that i created as a mixtape when a hurricane was on its way here a few years ago. The next time one rolls through i'll try to post it.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for the great tunes to add to my Rain Mix. Some favorites that are already on there:

    Carolina Rain - Ryan Adams
    The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
    Let It Rain - Eric Clapton/Cream
    Raining in Baltimore - Counting Crows
    Rainy Night in Georgia - Shelby Lynn cover version
    A Rainy Night in Soho- The Pogues

  2. Just wanted to say...

    I love your blog and read it often.

    It feels like it *needs* to rain here. It's funny how you feel emotionally unsettled right before a storm. That cathartic feeling when the rain actually comes... well, it's understandable why folks write about it. I adore "Rain" by Patty Griffin.

    Thanks for your writing.

  3. Nice post!
    I clicked over after seeing you on the contributors blog-roll over at SMM, and I'm glad I did. I'll definitely be back!