Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where Have You Gone, David Ryan?

get back to work...

Throughout this whole artist spotlight thing, i haven't mentioned anything about what Ryan is presently up to. That's mainly because since Follow The Lights dropped in October of '07, nothing else has surfaced. That is, if you don't count the off-the-wall videos and ramblings posted to his retired, then resurrected blog, Foggy. There have been rumors, though. Among them:
  • The Cardinals III/IV is the tentative name for the next full band album. Ryan said in January that the vocal/writing duties will be split between him and Neal Casal - very interesting.
  • he has a solo project entitled Magik that is supposedly rooted in soul (as of April).
  • NME reported in July that Ryan signed a book deal to release a collection of his prose. The article also stated that he was to have some of his art displayed at a showcase.

Judging from his track-record and fondness for the outlandish, these rumors are most likely not true. But one confirmed story is that, beginning next week, Ryan and The Cardinals (now composed of Neal, Chris Feinstein, Jon Graboff, and Brad Pemberton) will accompany Oasis for a short tour:

8/26/08: Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater
8/27/08: Vancouver, BC - GM Place
8/29/08: Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
8/30/08: Calgary, AB - Pengrowth Saddledome
9/01/08: Winnipeg, MB - MTS Center

9/04/08: Ottawa, ON - Scotiabank Palace
9/05/08: Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
9/09/08: London, ON - John LaBatt Center

And then there's that story that was vomited up from the bowels of Courtney Love.
Ryan's response.

For most folks, a year with no new material is standard, but Ryan has set the bar so high that it's hard to overlook. We'll try not to hold it against you, Ryan.

that either.

check out the new ryan adams dot com
attempt to make some sense out of foggy - the cardinal cave

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  1. oh ryan and all his batshit craziness. i thought it was just the smack that bore dj reggie and incomprehensible six fuckin albums that he put out on his website. apparently not: "……my name is GELATRON i am a pizza from the future…….(choo- chewwwwww (lazer sound)"

    the bottom of the post = best picture ever.

  2. i'm havin' a hard enough time dealing with his 'real' music. imagine if i were to attempt to undertake reggie, werewolph, etc.

    guy's nuts.