Friday, August 1, 2008

Panning for Gold.....


It's the little pleasures in life that keep me trudging along. Lately those things have been finding new places (and ways) to take pictures, receiving paychecks, acquiring internet access, and finding new and interesting music blogs. Today (while i was supposed to be working) i fell onto 2 0r 3 new well-influenced blogs out there in the vast expanses of the www. Of course, posting about Ryan Adams will always catch my attention - but his fan base is just as varied as his sound. On some pages, mentions of Ryan are the only areas in which they step into my preferred music realm.

Rollo & Grady is one of the new blogs i came across today while perusing The Hype. Based in LA, their musical contributions understandably span many-a-genre (rooted in soul/funk), but they maintain enough Ryan Adams, Stones, and other rock n roll/americana mentions to keep my attention. Earlier this month, they posted an eclectic mixtape that included songs from Band of Horses, Felice Bros, Avett Bros, Cat Power, all the way to Kanye, Bob Marley, Widespread, and Nirvana. Somewhere on Side A, a song caught my attention......

Ryan Adams - Fool's Gold

This is one of the greatest unreleased songs from Mr. Adams that exists. More importantly, it has also been one of the most elusive. For the last year or so, i have been in possession of a corrupted file of the track that ends at 2:49 - just after the first chorus. Thanks to Rollo & Grady, i now have the whole thing, and can cross one more tune off my coveted-song wishlist.

According to Answering Bell dot com, the song was part of a collection of Gold B-sides of the same name. This track, however, is the only one that has remained unreleased in any other form. The others were all part of either Gold's Side 4, or as b-sides included with singles from the album. The song fits well with the other material from Ryan's sophomore album, citing that curious Mara Lisa who boasts a song of her own on the collection. Fool's Gold, much like Tina Toledo and Rosalie, reveals Ryan's heavy Stones (specifically Keith Richards) influence.

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