Friday, August 1, 2008

New Digs.....


Steeldrivers - If It Hadn't Been For Love
The Steeldrivers are good. Five musicians who have all seen too many Nashville sidewalks, they play 'original' bluegrass music. Much more disciplined than OCMS for sure, still they have enough moments that surprise you. Female fiddlers are also good.
The Steeldrivers - Blue Side of the Mountain


The Avett Brothers - The Greatest Sum
buy The Second Gleam (2008) - with options
The stand out from the brothers' second installment of an EP series that highlights their toned down, contemplative songs.

Allison Francis - Massapequa
Allison commented here a couple times, and then i found out she also plays music. It's sparse, but somehow joyful folk music.... think female hipster-dylan circa '61 (complete with mouth harp).
She also writes a music blog.
Get this song, then go here and get the rest.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love
buy For Emma, Forever Ago (2008) - on CD or Vinyl
i can't tell you how many times i've played this song in the last week or so.... but my iTunes can. 59.


  1. I'm from Massapequa. A weird bit of synchronicity.

  2. ps, this isn't super important, but it's spelled massapequa. but yeah thanks again!

  3. totally agree on skinny love. how great is that tune? it's getting a lot of play on sirius, which makes me happy.

  4. Just a minor technicality: having seen 'em a few times, I'm sure there are five members of the SteelDrivers...

  5. again, duly (or dually) noted....

  6. ^ payton displaying mad pun skills