Sunday, September 21, 2008


October 28th folks!
Cardinology is just a few short weeks away from my ears.
i like the fact that minus a few rumors here and there, Ryan and gang managed to keep a lot of the details in-house and drop a release date with only a month to prepare.

Be the first kid on your block to get it on Vinyl (with goodies).

i could tell you every detail about the album, the tour, and even his book deal, but this person did a pretty good job.

1. Born Into A Light
2. Go Easy
3. Fix It
4. Magick
5. Cobwebs
6. Let Us Down Easy
7. Crossed Out Name
8. Natural Ghost
9. Sink Ships
10. Evergreen
11. Like Yesterday
12. Stop

Catch yet another Letterman appearance on October 29th.


  1. I was wondering when this post was coming. I had seen the announcement and figured you were soon to be all over it! Looks like I might finally have to write my very first Ryan post, although every time I consider doing that I think I should just say "see This Mornin' for all you need to know." Looking forward to all of your reviews (I am assuming there will be more than one).

  2. yeah, i guess we'll be seeing the first ever This Mornin literary review in march...
    any light on the sound of the new album, is it supposed to be akin to easy tiger? i figured if anybody'd know, itd be the braintrust behind TM

  3. glad you asked....

    i'm delighted to say that the band worked with Tom Schick who also helped produce Cold Roses and JCN, so my guess is very far from ET. i couldn't be more excited about that. Otherwise, i've heard that Neal Casal will be more vocally present on this one.

  4. nice!
    i've also seen somewhere that it may be 15 songs, but i have the same 12-song tracklist on my blog as well.
    i hear it's more rockin than Easy Tiger... and Tom Schick made Cold Roses and JCN just SOUND so good... cant wait.