Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cover/Uncovered: Slaid Cleaves.....

In addition to his latest, all covers release Unsung, Slaid Cleaves has been known to mix in his version of someone else's tune from time to time. But just as on that last album, Slaid absolutely owns the songs he covers and always adds his own flavor. In fact, i was going to post these two songs simply because of how good they are before i realized they weren't his.

Slaid Cleaves - I Feel The Blues Moving In

buy Broke Down (2000)

Slaid has always had just a hint of bluegrass in his music - whether it be from the big stand-up bass, his epic story-telling, or his occasional yodel. Although he takes the bluegrass tempo out of the song, the haunting 3-piece harmony is true to the version from the bluegrass legend.

Del McCoury - I Feel The Blues Moving In

buy High, Lonesome, and Blue (2004)

Slaid Cleaves - White Rose
from Mearlefest

One of the reasons i had no idea this song was a cover is that Slaid has often told his own versions of small towns that have met their end due to impending industrialization. Like many of Fred's songs, they're great stories but i would almost always rather hear someone else do them. The highlight from Slaid's version is when his band mates imitate the wailing wind spinning the sign from the disappearing filling station in the chorus.

Uncovered: Fred Eaglesmith - White Rose
buy The Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 (2006)

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  1. right on! love me some grass. never had heard that cover though. good lookin out

  2. So great to see you mention Fred Eaglesmith. "Wilder Than Her" is one of the best songs I've ever heard, in any genre.

  3. really liked both versions of "rose". good post sir.