Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cover/Uncovered: Dead Leaves.....

This edition of C/U will not follow the general form - originally, this feature post was designed to highlight those cover songs in which i heard the cover first, and later investigated the original. But that limits the songs i can feature - so i'm scrappin' the formalities.

September is fall, right?

Either way, this is great song. i've never been real big into Jack White - i like his full band more that his duo, but in both, he can crawl over to the crazy side a little much. There's no denying his place in Rock History - he singlehandedly brought indie-rock to the masses (Does it then remain indie?? That's for another discussion....).

Cover: Chris Thile - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
i haven't said much about Chris here. The most creative force in Nickel Creek - another band to bring a sub-genre into the mainstream - Chris constantly abuses his mandolin and always takes his vocals to their upper-reaches. His '06 solo release remains one of my favorite albums. Chris compiled an all-star Bluegrass band to back him on it, and it came together perfectly. The band played the entire album live, sitting around 2 vintage mics hooked to the exact same 2-track machine The Beatles used on The White Album. The record also includes a Welch/Rawlings cover, Wayside (Back In Time), a few bluegrass instrumentals, and a handful of originals. He's got a new one that came out in February (billed as The Punch Brothers). i haven't picked it up yet, but it's on my list - Check some of it out on his MySpace.

Uncovered: The White Stripes - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

Ryan Adams - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (live)
As always, Ryan adds his own flare to a cover song - with some original verses about Meg and Jack.


  1. The Chris Thile version is great. The Nina Persson cover of the song is also really great for a completely different take on it as well.

  2. Very inticing but the links not working Look forward to hearing them

  3. hadn't heard the ryan adams version. pretty good stuff, even for him. "meg white, you do me all right... detroit they got some bands and they'll blow your fuckin mind"

    "dead leaves" pretty much ushered me into indie rock, and i am forever grateful