Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Float Down Memory River....

Made a much-needed labor day weekend trip down to the river in New Braunfels. i can't quite explain it, but that part of Texas has a way of life all its own. Laid back folks, great food, lots of beer, and there's a beautiful river that maintains a year-round 72 degree temperature.

Music, specifically Texas Music, lies at the heart of the Texas hill-country culture, helping to reinforce that everyone's family, buy me a beer feeling. Though i'm not into the scene like i once was, being back there surrounded by other floaters blasting Texas anthems on their ice-chest radios and nightly concerts up and down River Road and from San Marcos to Austin, you can't help but appreciate the music and what it stands for.

i've been a little hesitant to post songs that were once considered musical gold to me back in high school. But hearing this music all weekend got me thinking about it once again. Sure, the lyrics are often childish, the themes a little exhausted, but it does represent a part of my past. It was this genre of music that got me interested in original songwriting and the live show experience - two of the most important aspects of good music.
Nearly all of the bands pooled into the Texas Music scene are still making records (many have '08 releases), and some are more successful now than back when i followed them. But somehow, i simply can't get into the music like i used to.

So this question came up throughout the weekend: Has the actual music changed, or is it my perception, having matured and broadened my musical predilection, that has skewed my views?
Either way, as Texas Music playlists rang out night and day, the occasional song from the past retained its appeal. Here's a sampling of some Texas highlights from back in the day:

Bleu Edmondson - Little Bit Crazy
Brandon Rhyder - Up In Flames
Cory Morrow - Runnin' Around On Me
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Run To Me
Honeybrowne - Annie In The Moonlight
Jack Ingram - Work This Out
Jason Boland & The Stragglers - Somewhere Down In Texas
Owen Temple - Dry Creek Bar
Pat Green - One For The Road
Randy Rogers - Tommy Jackson
Reckless Kelly - Black & White
Roger Creager - Things Look Good Around Here
Wade Bowen - Not Finished Yet

All these artists' music can be found at LoneStarMusic.com, whose home base just happens to be situated on the Guadalupe in Grunene, TX.

As musical scenes have forever emerged, flourished, and burned out, i'm sure some of my readers from across the country have experienced similar cases. Let me know about them.


  1. good post p. it's one long sigh. don't shy away from the musical past, unless youre like me and have an Insane Clown Posse period in your history (now there's something to be ashamed of). but i wonder, if i didnt listen to that and other nonsense, what would my musical tastes today look like?

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