Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Digs, Vol. 23

Here's another set of new tunes I've been diggin' on to help get you through your week.

Every so often, I'll burn a CD of 'loosies' - random songs that I grab off music blogs that are normally the only tracks I own from a particular band. Sometimes I'll forget what songs are on the disc when it makes it into the player in my truck. It's kinda like mystery CD, and often I'm very pleasantly surprised at what I hear. The tracks today are from my newest 'Random New Stuff' CD.

Great Bloomers - Speak of Trouble
I grabbed this song over at Captain Obvious a while back. It's definitely been my most played tune over the last few weeks. This three-fold melody/tempo change keeps the song fresh and interesting. I just picked up the rest of this album (from which this title track comes) on eMusic and I suggest you do the same.

Great Bloomers: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain The Blood

I had seen this band pop up nearly everywhere for quite a while, but never payed too much attention. That all changed when I heard this song on my latest new mix.

Rural Alberta Advantage:

Theresa Andersson - Birds Fly Away
Found this soulful songstress thanks to Nelson at Fifty Cent Lighter. I love the how cheery mood set by the various instruments in contrasted by Theresa's sultry voice.

Theresa Andersson: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

Maria Taylor with Andy LeMaster - A Good Start
Maria Taylor has been making music for quite a while now. I first learned about her when she helped collaborate with Conor Oberst in Bright Eyes (you can see her playing the drums in the Four Winds video). This tune is simply beautiful - kinda like Maria.

Maria Taylor: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

Enjoy Responsibly....

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