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Artist Spotlight: Mike McClure (part 2)

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Since leaving The Great Divide, Mike McClure has focused not only on his solo career, but also his work in the studio - as producer and engineer. In 2004, Mike teamed up with fellow Okie musician Travis Linville and invested in a recording studio in Norman, OK - Dirtybird Recording. (Travis, whom i've been meaning to mention here recently, fronted The Burtschi Brothers and is currently promoting his new solo acoustic album See You Around). Mike's reputation as a producer preceded him, and the studio was immediately booked solid. When the two finally found time to record some of their own stuff, they knew just how to go about it - a collaborative album. And McBurtschi was born:

The Burtschi Brothers & The Mike McClure Band
December 2004

mp3: Mike McClure Band - Queen of the Midnight
mp3: Mike McClure Band - Lost In The Dream

The two bands split time on this disc. Mike's selections for the album show his versatility - a couple acoustic laments, a couple rockers, a gospel tune, and then something new just to throw you off - Lost In The Dream. This groovy tune showcases his unique guitar stylings and is unlike anything i had heard from Mike before - i feel like putting on jazzy suit and struttin' down the sidewalk when i hear it.

Camelot Falling
September 2005

mp3: Mike McClure Band - Don't Fear To Tread
mp3: Mike McClure Band - Remain

Working with another artist who has his hands in all aspects of music, Keith Sykes, Mike took off to Memphis, TN to record Camelot Falling. i'm also currently reviewing the catalog of Ryan Adams, and in addition to having different styles, the two musicians also have differing approaches to making albums. While Ryan has a unique mode, or even genre, per album, Mike perfectly intertwines all of his muses for one album. On this record, Mike chose to pay homage to a couple of his musical heroes by doing some covers. i posted and talked about his cover of Van Morrison's Into the Mystic here, and his rendition of Neil Young's Roll Another Number is an album highlight. Mike's faith plays a huge role in his music, as he is always sure to include some sort of gospel tune. Traveler (posted here) tells of a battered soul asking for complete forgiveness by putting himself at the mercy of his Lord. The record is topped off with a resurrected Great Divide song. The title cut off his last record with the band, Remain is a hopeful song that... remains one of Mike's best works to date.


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