Monday, May 19, 2008

The Avett Brothers: New Release......

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This isn't brand new news, but This Mornin'..... favorite The Avett Brothers are set to release a new disc soon. A second EP in their Gleam series is due out July 22nd.

i don't have too much info on the EP, but i know that for the first time, a Ramseur release will be available on Vinyl. Awesome.

Ramseur says:
"The record walks calmly and powerfully among fragile and hard-learned
themes of life and song, passing through loss, change, hope, death,
dedication to family, late nights in the hospital, love as always, and much more."

As far as what's gonna be on it, word on the street is it will include a couple new songs they've been playing live: If I Get Murdered In The City and My Heart Beats Like a Kick Drum

mp3: The Avett Brothers - If I Get Murdered In The City (live)
i got this track from a
Captain Obvious post of an interview with Scott Avett.

Here's another song of theirs that blows my mind. Love the intro:
mp3: The Avett Brothers - Pretty Girl At The Airport

buy Mignonette (2004)

Buy the first Gleam EP from the brothers here.

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