Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Wood Brothers: Loaded

The Wood Brothers' sophomore effort, Loaded, is a soothing, groovy record much like their debut. Bluesy songs that bump along with the beat created by Chris Wood and his big bass. Oliver wood provides soulful vocals and resonator guitar. The main difference in the second album, however, is the additional help from some other great artists in the folk scene.

Amos Lee, whom i caught on ACL the other day, provides backup vocals on Pray Enough. He also shares the lead vocals with Oliver on Angel - a cover of the Hendrix tune. The choppy guitar in the song kinda gives it a reggae feel, of which i think Hendrix himself would approve.

mp3: The Wood Brothers - Angel

mp3: Amos Lee - Sweet Pea ~ from Supply and Demand (2006)
You might recognize this song from one of those AT&T more bars commercials.

The other guest appearnace on Loaded comes in the form of female backup vocals. Frazey Ford of The Be Good Tanyas beautifully adds to the soul in Oliver's voice on the track Don't Look Back.

mp3: The Wood Brothers - Don't Look Back

mp3: The Be Good Tanyas - Light Enough To Travel ~ from Blue Horse (2000)
From this inovative female folk trio from Canada's first album.

Other standouts on the album include Loaded (posted a while back), Postcards From Hell, Twisted, and an almost unrecognizable cover of Dylan's Buckets of Rain.

Buy Loaded here (iTunes) or here (Amazon).

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