Sunday, May 4, 2008

Instrumental Interlude.......

Ah, after a couple grueling weeks, i finally get to sit back and relax for a night. And there's no better way to do that than with some easy listening - not the genre - but the true definition of easy listening - pure instrumental music.

i haven't done one of these since my first week of blogging. i was listening to Cold Roses today, and thought to myself that i would dig that album just as much had it been completely instrumental. That's not to say that Ryan's lyrics aren't as impressive as a two-ton anvil - they are - but The Cardinals are simply as tight a band as i've ever heard. With Cold Roses, specifically, each and every song pops through the speakers with that inital lick from Ryan, J.P. Bowersock, or Cindy Cashdollar. An amazing album - i can't wait to get to it on my Ryan Adams Spotlight, but that's for another day.

So, i came home and dug through my instrumental tunes and came up with these for you today. i've got a strictly bluegrass instrumental playlist as well as a general one - there's a couple from both.

mp3: Cory Morrow - Sunday Drivin'

mp3: Adrienne Young - Happy Ending
buy Room To Grow (2007)

mp3: Reckless Kelly - Wicked Twisted Road (reprise)

mp3: South Austin Jug Band - Po Boys In The Glovebox

mp3: Mike McClure Band - Intro (Mis Llaves)
If this song feels like it leaves you hangin' - that's because it's an intro that leads straight into another song on Everything Upside Down. I promise not to make you wait for too long - i'll get that Mike McClure profile done soon - and that song will definately be on it. By the way, it's called 'Open My Door' - pretty clever intro title, if you ask me....... (**edit - Part 1 of the Mike McClure Artist Spotlight is up)

the song links are dead, but you can check out my first Instrumental Interlude here.

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