Saturday, May 3, 2008

Takin' It Back......

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but the last round of tests carried on into finals. But the good news - i took my last college test ever on Friday. i have a project due Tuesday and an online class remaining, but i will never again sit in class and take a test. It hasn't really hit me yet - maybe it will when i'm completely done.

i don't know if it's because, at this turning point in my life, i've been reminiscing a little bit, but this week i've been digging some older tunes in my collection. So i'm gonna step out of my usual genre of music and post some tunes from the decade that was the 90's.

i think it may have started when i heard this one at the bar the other night:

mp3: Weezer - Say It Ain't So/span>
buy Weezer (1994)

So that got me in the mood to dig through the archives and make a new playlist of 90's rock songs - from Nirvana to to Matchbox with plenty of reverb-filled tunes that might just take you back to wherever you were back then. Some of these bands are still around kickin' it - some defunct. i can't say that i still like all of the artists that make up the playlist, but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy what i dug at one point in my life.

here's a small sampling of some of the standouts:

mp3: Blind Melon - No Rain
buy Blind Melon (1992)
A must-have on any 90's rock compilation.

mp3: Live - I Alone
buy Throwing Copper (1994)
From the album that is best known for Lightning Crashes.

mp3: The Toadies - Tyler
buy Rubberneck (1994)
This Texas band released the super-seccesful Rubberneck in '94 that had 4 smash singles: Tyler, Possum Kingdom, Away, and I Come From The Water. They reunited in 2006 and have played sporadic shows, but have yet to release anything new.

mp3: Seven Mary Three - Lucky
buy Rock Crown (1997)
These guys actually just released a new album. Read Heather's post about it here.

mp3: Our Lady Peace - 4 A.M.
buy Clumsy (1997)
This album was easily my favorite for about a 3 year span.

mp3: Cake - Never There
Cake - Cool personified.
They say smell triggers more memory receptors than any other sense, but i respectfully disagree. It's pretty amazing how music can transport you right back to the place you were when you first heard it. Leave me some feedback if any of these songs stir up some old memories.


  1. "Wherever I was back then" was about where you are today -- I started college in 1991, took time off, graduated in 1997, so while the Lemonheads and De La Soul represent my late adolescence, these are the songs that were the big radio hits of my early adulthood.

    Meant being able to drink at the bars while I listened to them, which makes a difference. Weezer, especially, remains a favorite today.

    Congrats on the impending degree-hood, man.

  2. ditto boyhowdy. graduated college in 1995 and grad school 1999. these songs take me back to an old friend who would make the best mix tapes for me in exchange for beer. good times. thanks for the memories and congrats on your degree. but never say never :)

  3. Never, *ever*, say Never.

    Truer words were never said.

    I've got a few years on all of you (so far) - but I appreciate the sentiment.

    It's hard to see forward - you don't necessarily want to look back.

    I think I'd like to try it again - just don't you dare take me back to High School again though. ;)