Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playlist Pulse: Grooves.....

Time for another Playlist Pulse. This time from the one titled grooves. These are simply those songs that make you tap you boots, drum on the desk, or just bob a head. Whether it's the plunk of a banjo, the beat of a tom, or the groove initiated by a plugged in guitar, it's hard not to move to these songs:

1. mp3: The Be Good Tanyas - Rain & Snow
buy Blue Horse (2001)

a traditional folk song made famous by The Dead

2. mp3: Rodney Crowell - The Obscenity Prayer
buy The Outsider (2005)

3. mp3: Bob Dylan - Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
buy Bob Dylan (1962)

4. mp3: Ray Wylie Hubbard - Roll and I Tumble
buy Deirium Tremolos (2005)
From the same album as the song that inspired this blog. RWH might as well have invented the groove - most of his songs make this list.

5. mp3: Todd Snider - The Highland Street Incident
buy The Devil You Know (2006)
Todd got mugged behind a bar one night. He tried many times to write a song about it, but couldn't get it right until he thought to tell it from the muggers point of view.


p.s. - i got all the links fixed up.
if you see something crossed out,
that mean the link is expired - too slow

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