Friday, April 25, 2008

New Digs: The Rosewood Thieves....

Like i've said before, i can't possibly listen to every piece of music i come across out there in the blog world, so first impressions are important. If i like what someone says about a band or an artist, i'll give a track or two a listen - and if it doesn't make an impact on me right then, i'll move along. It's a brutal process that sometimes allows good music to slip through.

Now, i can't remember if i ever gave the band that makes up my new digs this week a listen in the past, but if i did, i really must've missed something. Setting The Woods on Fire, a great blog that usually features classic country music, wrote up a little something on The Rosewood Thieves a couple days ago, and posted this song:

mp3: The Rosewood Thieves - She Don't Mind The Rain

i don't know if i was just in the right mood when i heard it, but i dug it. It sounds like 60's pop (with the organ, tambourines, and harmonies), but somehow still fits into the style of music i like. So, this band passed the first impression test, and i looked 'em on The Hype....

Wtf. How had these guys' music not hit my ears before? The blogs that have mentioned The Rosewood Thieves are almost all blogs that i consistently check out:

Bag of Songs: Hot New Music from the Rosewood Thieves (4.18.08)
Songs: Illinois: The Rosewood Thieves (11.19.07)
Bag of Songs: New Music: The Rosewood Thieves (10.2.07)
I Am Fuel...: The Rosewood Thieves: Folk Music in the Back Room (7.29.07)
I Am Fuel...: I'm Likin' The Rosewood Thieves (8.18.06 - way back before i even knew what a music blog was...)

Most of them give Dr. Mooney and his 115th Dream credit for turning them on to the band. He's a huge advocate of The Thieves and has posted several things about them in the past. Also, with an eye-catching, Dylan-referent title and good suggestions, The Doctor might just be the next blog added to my list of favorites.

You can read all about the band at the above links, but basically they are a 5 piece out of New York that mixes jangly retro-rock with progressive folk. They released an EP in each of the last 2 years, and will release their first full-length album, Rise & Shine, sometime this summer (the above song is the first single from it). As of now, they say it will only be available at their shows, but lets hope for at least a digital release.

more from The Rosewood Thieves:

From The Decker House [EP] (2006)

mp3: Lonesome Road
This tune starts with quiet vocals and guitar picking before breaking open with a kick ass guitar solo - and later, one from the chick on the piano. The EP was recorded in the pictured house with help from Bob Dorough and Mike Daly (former member of Whiskeytown).

Lonesome [EP] (2007)

mp3: Murder Ballad in G Minor
The band recorded this EP in a basement studio while snowed-in in the Pocono Mountains. It was an unplanned session that created some great folky sounds.


  1. Hey, Just want to let you know that The Rosewood Thieves full length debut, Rise & Shine, is now available via mail order on their myspace or digital download on iTunes.

  2. I can't wait to FINALLY see them Public Assembly this Sat 1/31