Friday, April 11, 2008

New Digs......

My New Digs for this week are some of the first stand-outs from a few of the albums i've picked up recently. The initial surge from the flood of Spring releases has hit, and i would have until about May to catch up, but Konk comes out next Tuesday - and that's a big one.


The Kooks' Inside In/Inside Out was a huge debut album (it was #2 on my best of 2007 post). i don't even look at record sales, but judging simply from the buzz, if you will, it garnered for those skinny Brits, they're doin' alright. This hype will carry on for Konk, but i'm excited to see what the've done with it. Having another killer album may very well solidify their names..... somewhere. And i'm not trying to insinuate and sort of Second Coming or anything, but i definately hear some of whatever it was The Stones had (have - whatever) in their guitars and hook writing. And i'm rooting for 'em. i always wanna be in the presence of greatness - everybody wanted to see Davidson make it to the final four, but i wanted to see 4 #1's, so i was rooting for Kansas - record-breakers, never before's, and especially beginings of legends. Buy it Tuesday...


These New Digs are mostly upbeat, since it generally takes a little longer (hearing the lyrics) to pick out great slow songs:

mp3: The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl ~ from Attack & Release
mp3: The Black Keys - Same Old Thing ~ from Attack & Release
The groove initiated by the banjo in Psychotic Girl is what pulled me into that tune. And the flute in Psychotic Girl is a throwback that hints on The Marshall Tucker Band.

mp3: The Felice Brothers - Greatest Show On Earth ~ from The Felice Brothers
This song effortlessly wanders between a slow-rolling ballad and a raucus barroom jam complete with old-time piano and trumpet. They carry on the same attitude with this one:
mp3: The Felice Brothers - Love Me Tenderly ~ from The Felice Brothers

mp3: Hayes Carll - Don't Let Me Fall ~ from Trouble In Mind

mp3: Hayes Carll - Willing To Love Again ~ from Trouble In Mind
Hayes can sometimes drift a little too far on the Honky-Tonk side for my taste, so i tend to perfer the slower ones like these (and Long Way Home posted here).

i also just got a copy of Loaded from The Wood Brothers, but i've got something else planned for that one....



  1. Hi dude...enjoy your musical taste, especially Kasey Chambers- she has released some great singles with fabulous cover versions on them. Are you aware of them?

  2. if you're talking about the ones with songs like 'too long in the wasteland' or fred eaglesmith covers, i've mentioned them here.

  3. hey payton,
    you never cease to amaze me with your song selection. i have a request for haynes carll - do you have the song 'wild as a turkey' ??

    much love.