Friday, April 18, 2008

New Digs......

i generally don't buy albums off iTunes/eMusic because i like to spend the few extra bucks and have a hard copy in my hands. i sort of look at it as an investment - one day, i'll get to show my grandkids what CD's were like (i've got a decent Vinyl collection goin' on, too). But the two albums that my New Digs come from this week were both downloaded. One (Tonight At The Arizona) because you can't find it at stores, and the other (Hot Trottin') because i got impatient.

mp3: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - Gypsy Woman
mp3: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - She's From The Other Side
About a year ago, i caught this band opening up for (so far unmentioned on this blog) Stoney LaRue here in College Station. The pure Rock & Roll energy that Jonathan and his band perform with caught me by surprise (at a country concert, mind you). I always enjoy when you can hear the artist putting everything they have into their vocals and their performance, and trust me, the live show is even more high-energy than these Rockin' Blues tracks.

buy Hot Trottin' [iTunes] [Amazon]. If you're into instant gratification, i downloaded mine at


Due to a misplaced online order, i didn't recieve my newest Felice Brothers album when i was supposed to. To tide me over during the wait, i downloaded Tonight At The Arizona - the band's first full length release. These guys are the real deal - and this record proves it - captivating acoutic melodies wind around behind honest stories of suicide, runs-in with the law, and unplanned pregnancies. It was difficult to narrow this down to 3 songs, so do yourself a favor and get the whole thing.

mp3: The Felice Brothers - Ballad Of Lou The Welterweight
a song about a dirty old man that only takes women from behind. seriously.
mp3: The Felice Brothers - Your Belly In My Arms
mp3: The Felice Brothers - T For Texas
at first, this song seemed a little corny - but now i can't stop singing along....

buy Tonight At The Arizona [iTunes] [Amazon]. i got mine from eMusic (25 free downloads)


Also - Got an extra special surprise the other day when i pick up Konk from The Kooks - it comes with Rak - a whole other disc (9 tracks) that were recorded at Rak Studios in England. i'm gonna listen all weekend and get back to you with my prognosis.......


  1. I just found your site on the Hype Machine. Looks great. Thanks for the link.

    Love the Felice Brothers take on that old Jimmie Rodgers song. There's a lot of good versions of that one.

  2. Just wanted everyone to know I have made the first Felice Brothers fansite. Check it out and help spread the word about this amazing band!

    Hey Hey Revolver