Monday, April 14, 2008

Playlist Pulse.........

Today i'm introducing a new recurring post topic: Playlist Pulse. It's an easy way to get a few songs up on a post and won't take me long to write. i'll simply pick a playlist i've made in iTunes, hit shuffle, and post the first 5 songs that show up. If i feel the need for elaboration, i might occasionally say a few things about some of the songs.

i try to give every song i really enjoy a good listen and decide if it fits into one of my many playlist categories. The playlist i chose to pull from first is my 'Bluesy' collection. These aren't all necessarily blues songs - they just have that guitar driven/minor chord/down & out feel:

  1. mp3: The Black Crowes - Walk Believer Walk ~ buy Warpaint (2008)
  2. mp3: The Black Keys - Lies ~ buy Attack & Release (2008)
  3. mp3: Willie Nelson - Rainy Day Blues ~ buy Songbird (2006)
    If you consider yourself a fan of Willie Nelson and/or Ryan Adams, you should own this album. Almost entirely a 'covers' album produced by Ryan Adams, Songbird shows Willie's versatility and ability to make any song his own. With The Cardinals as Willie's backing band, the album takes on that grungy electric feel, but somehow still retains the charm of Mr. Nelson.
  4. mp3: James Gang (Joe Walsh) - Funk No. 49 ~ buy Rides Again (1970)
  5. mp3: Sam Cooke - Steal Away ~ buy Gosepl In My Soul (1977)


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