Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New(s) Digs......

i know it's only Tuesday, and i'm supposed to be workin' on my online class. But i got a fever, and the only perscription is....... New Digs.
But seriously folks, i've gotten my hands on a bunch of new tunes the last couple of weeks. Enough to do a installment today and Friday, and still have some left over.

After 5 long years, i'm finally getting my Aggie Ring on Friday, so we'll see how much time i have for that second post.

So i got that goin' for me......
but i'm in a good mood for a few more reasons:

Ordered my Cap & Gown for Graduation today - just another step on my journey to no more school.

Today, i ran by what they call a 'record store' here in College Station. It doesn't quite qualify, but they did have The Black Keys' Attack & Release, and suprisingly Justin Townes Earle's The Good Life. Couldn't find Loaded from The Wood Brothers, but i plan on being in Austin sometime soon, so i'll head over to Waterloo. i haven't gotten a chance to really hear 'em both yet, but first impressions:

  • Attack & Release is just what i thought it would be - The Black Keys with their edges sanded down (thanks to Danger Mouse). They did surprise me with a toned down, more acoustic opening track (at least the beginning). i dig it.
  • After just one quick listen through The Good Life, i think JTE may have had me fooled with the early released tracks. i can't tell if it's necessarily a good thing yet, but all the other tracks have a very traditional, even swing country sound to it, while everything else of his i heard had a more contemporary Americana feel. i'll get back to you on this one.

- by the way, check TBK's site and play their laser game

i was contacted by an independent artist out of Brooklyn that said she checked out This Mornin'... and thought i might like her music. She's gonna send me a cd, and i'll tell you all about her then.

i found some cool new artists and some really cool stuff from some of my favorite artists after doing some 'research' today.

But Big News - i got 'This Mornin'... added to The Hype Machine
check me out here.

onward to the MUSIC:
mp3: Deer Tick - Little White Lies ~ from Daytrotter Session (2008)
mp3: Deer Tick - The Ghost ~ from Daytrotter Session (2008)
Daytrotter.com is a indie music promoting website that does something really cool. Instead of simply reviewing artists/albums, they get the bands to stop by their studio and record a four-song set. They encourage reworked songs from albums and unreleased stuff. And they release 3 of these sessions each week.
"These songs are them as they are on that particular day, on that particular tour – dirty and alive."

mp3: Sondre Lerche - My Hands are Shaking ~ from Dan in Real Life Soundtrack (2008)
i saw this movie the other day - it's pretty good. It makes you think about life - sorta in the same way Garden State does, although not on as deep a level. Througout the movie, i kept noticing the music. Not just songs, but some interesting instrumental accompaniments that follow the flow of the film. Turns out Sondre Lerche , a Norwegien singer/songwriter, wrote the entire soundtrack for the movie. This song was the one that made me look into the soundtrack.

mp3: Matt The Electrician - Got Your Back ~ from Never Alone [EP]
Austin musician, Matt Sever, gave Songs:Illinois an exclusive track from his upcoming album. I really like this tune - i'll have to check out some of his previous 4 albums worth of material.

mp3: These United States - The Business ~ from A Picture of the Three of Us...(2008)
i've been seeing this band's name pop up a lot lately, but i decided to check 'em out when i saw that they will be playing a show with Deer Tick on Arpil 7th in RI. Turns out that These Unted States is doing a 33-day US tour in which they play with a different local band in each city. Pretty cool if you ask me.

These United States also has a Daytrotter Session, as well as This Mornin'... favorite Okkervil River. Check 'em out.

enjoy responsibly.......... or not.

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